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Module&View Specific JS

DataEngine allows to add custom JS to specific modules and views.

Create a file in custom/Extension/application/Ext/ViewJs/ with similar content:


if ($module === 'core_Accounts') {
    $includes = [
        'files' => [
                'file' => 'custom/features/inside/accounts.js'
    $view_js[] = [
        'EditView' => $includes,
        'QuickCreate' => $includes,

In this example the file custom/features/inside/accounts.js will be added to the EditView and QuickCreate of the Accounts module.

Instead or in addition to files, scripts can be used to add inline JS, which is useful for configuration.

In the file custom/features/inside/accounts.js you can add your custom JS, which will be added after the form content.