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Release Date: 2022-04-22

Bug Fixes

  • Fix empty int field in workflow is changed to 0
  • Re-added default workflow menu link when installing new instances
  • Fix multiple warnings while installing new DataEngines
  • Add last resort default order
  • Fix process audit table doesn’t use datatables


  • Add default User role and security group for new DataEngines


  • Allow appending values when setting values via workflows for multienum fields
  • Add percentage function for report fields
  • Add number of shown lines setting for reports
  • Allow to disable time caching for a request (cached_timestamp)
  • HubEngine Trigger actions will trigger by default the hubengine only once per scheduler run. This can be turned off as a setting in the workflow.
  • Replaced default HubEngine/Grafana links with HelpCenter,Academy,TrustCenter Links