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Release Date: 2021-12-21

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing security group relations for salescloud modules
  • Removed remaining Advanced OpenPortal calls from contacts module
  • Fix date fields not working in reports and parameters, if the condition field is a field of a related module
  • Fix period end time is including midnight next period
  • Fix multi enum filter not working for report dashlets
  • Add missing translations for SalesCloud instances and add missing fields from Marini SalesCloud
  • Fix send mail action in workflow
  • Add function::sendEmailReminders scheduler for salesclouds
  • Reduce OAuth Token cleanup to 4 days
  • Fix API Users should have access to hidden modules
  • Charts should better use the available height
  • Fixing date parameters are not working Report dashlets
  • Remove unused schedulers
  • Add “breadcrumb” to Browser title
  • Fix some cookies are duplicated resulting in a lot of cookies per domain


  • Add placeholders to VarChar/Text/Int/Float/Link/URL/Phone fields via studio using the comment setting
  • When installing new DE the search defaults to prepend a wildcard
  • Adds “Is not Null” condition for workflows
  • Add aws-sdk-php to composer
  • Forbid duplicate and delete actions in Module Builder dependent on module config