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Release Date: 2022-08-26

Bug Fixes

  • Fix new date time field can’t handle inline editing
  • Fix new date time field is not working for filter
  • Fix scheduler error with no time format
  • Fix default field settings still use old date time select boxes
  • Fix editing of actions and roles is not working
  • Error that the non-static method getUserRoleNames of ACLRole cannot be called statically
  • Fixing setting multienums correctly when value received from text fields
  • Fix API EQ operator not working for deleted field
  • Dates with default values appeared wrongfully in the list views
  • security groups are getting messed up when using module builder
  • Fix Workflow unintentionally converts strings to int
  • Employee Status inline edit Bug
  • Fix sugar field type wysiwyg
  • View History in ModuleBuilder i not working
  • Limit subpanel results to 50.000 entries to avoid page timeouts


  • Add a doc link column in Module Loader when Marini Store is enabled