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Release Date: 2022-03-04

Bug Fixes

  • Fix not possible to save due date and due date is not formatted
  • Fixed after copying Dashboard logout/login is not required anymore
  • Fixed date parameter in dashlet settings not displayed correctly
  • Fix PHP8 warnings for send email action
  • Remove inline edit for call reminders and fix translation for closing calls/notes
  • Remove archive email buttons from subpanels
  • Fix Checkboxes styling in workflow conditions
  • Fix Search not working after upgrade to Suite 7.12
  • Fix Umlaut not displayed correctly
  • Fix lead conversion
  • CSS bugs
  • Adjust the translations of relationship labels and relationship help text
  • Fix Workflow Action Calculate Fields doesn’t open
  • Translate label LBL_RUN_ON_IMPORT
  • Try to find the label in module’s language file when building validation rules
  • Fix copy Dashboard from user not working in Salescloud


  • Add settings for Dashboard Pages
  • Add aow_workflow_limit config to limit amount of beans to be processed per workflow scheduler run
  • Remove PDF Sample Templates from default DataEngine installation
  • Add a new E-Mail field type
  • Set default search engine to basic search engine
  • Set hide subpanels to false as default value
  • Upgrade to Suite CRM 7.12.4


  • Cache Workflows to improve performance when running the same workflow multiple times in one run