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Release Date: 2024-02-02

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing labels for treemaps if group is no option field
  • Only allow one cron to run at once
  • Fix workflow condition value is limited to 255 characters
  • Change escaping of PDF Templates
  • Fix workflow scheduler should lookup NULL values on empty query
  • Fix date modified for schedulers should always be end time of scheduler
  • Fix inline images used multiple times are not displayed correctly
  • Fix on dashboard load, layout always saved
  • Fix add dashboard not working on empty dashboard
  • Allow setting first dashboard page title
  • Fix missing pagination in search and fix search settings not applied to all users
  • Add new default settings (added by suitecrm 7.14 upgrade)


  • New Tab Layout and other small CSS improvements
  • Re-use aow_processed entries for workflows with multiple runs
  • New scheduler using custom config to NTILE records by field
  • Add options to workflows to define an order and to modify date
  • Add count/sum calculated field functions
  • Allow running workflows to different times