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Release Date: 2023-12-20

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Dashboard not showing with a broken report and adding dashlets doesn’t work
  • Fix broken HTML and broken studio CSS
  • Fix issues displaying the same chart/report multiple times on the same detail page
  • Add missing custom config validation for detail view reports
  • Fix custom config can’t be edited using the UI
  • Automatically add IS NULL when using a report condition with multiple values
  • Fix misleading error message on config save
  • Fix CSV export of a report breaks if a double quote is used
  • Fix setting null value using mass update api doesn’t change the value
  • Remove relation fields from all views on relation delete
  • replace prefix SuiteCRM with DataEngine in error message
  • Add missing literals and review fixes
  • Fix trying to require removed file (introduced by #271)
  • Bug in import controller which prevents the use of custom controllers


  • Better loading of css/js when we deploy new version; Dashboard CSS changes
  • Decrease dead scheduler timeout from 1d to 6h
  • Empty report table should show no result text instead of empty table
  • Improve Dashboard CSS and enable responsive version of dashboard
  • Improve Styling of Detail View Reports
  • Move user site settings from cookies to local storage saved to user preferences
  • Add Roboto Black font
  • Add JS validation for Source, Destination & Model fields in OpenAI WF action
  • Add report dashboards to detail view using custom config
  • New Gridbased Dashboard
  • Rearrange administration menu
  • Add more options to the filter & column chooser of schedulers
  • Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.14.2
  • Update to Suite CRM 7.14.1 (f7e7e6c2941aa126e9d5be1e2de54a37e471850f)
  • Update to Suite CRM 7.13.4